Film und Medien Stiftung NRW"Goodbye Julia" by Mohamed Kordofani

Shortly before the secession of South Sudan, a married former singer from the north seeks redemption for causing the death of a man from the south by hiring his unsuspecting wife as a maid. Writer-director Mohamed Kordofani is making his feature film debut with the Filmstiftung-backed drama "Goodbye Julia". Siran Riak, Eiman Yousif, Nazar Jumaa and Ger Duany are in the cast. The international co-production was shot in Sudan and produced on the German side by Die Gesellschaft DGS. The international co-producers are Station Films and Kloziums Studios (both SD), Redstar Productions & Distribution (EG), Dolce Vita Films (FR) and Riverflower (SE). The Filmstiftung supported the film with 75,000 Euros. Mad Solutions is handling world sales. Die Gesellschaft DGS and the director Kordofani had previously both been involved in the production of the Filmstiftung-backed film "You Will Die at Twenty" by Amjad Abu Alala, which won an award at the Venice Film Festival and was Sudan’s entry for the Oscars.