In "Inside", Willem Dafoe plays the professional burglar and art thief Nemo, an absolute genius in his field, who breaks into the luxury penthouse of a renowned collector. When the flat’s security system breaks down, he is locked inside and without any contact to the outside world. The luxury penthouse turns into a golden cage, but also a place of revelation… Vasilis Katsoupis wrote the screenplay for "Inside" with the renowned author Ben Hopkins. The international co-production by Schiwago Film and MMC Movies Cologne with Heretic (GR) and A Private View (BEL) was almost entirely shot at Cologne’s MMC Studios. Having the highest studio in the world provided the MMC Studios with an opportunity to construct and dress an 800 square metre luxury apartment with a 10 metre-high ceiling."Inside" was supported by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW with 750,000 Euros and also received funding from MFG, DFFF and BKM. SquareOne Entertainment will release the film in German cinemas on 23 March, 2023. World sales are being handled by Focus Features / Universal.