Film und Medien Stiftung NRW"Lonely Oaks – Only your life between"

The documentary by the writer-directors Fabiana Fragale, Kilian Kuhlendahl and Jens Mühlhoff tells the story of the activist and filmmaker Steffen Meyn. He accompanied the evacuation of Hambach Forest for a long-term documentary and died during the evacuation. The directors work through the documentary footage left behind by their friend about the activist camp in the "Hambi". The failure of climate policy clashes here with  activists who barricaded themselves in treehouses. A film about politics with one’s own body and about a state in which sometimes there is no other way. "Lonely Oaks" is a production of Made in Germany Filmproduktion. New Docs is handling world sales. The Filmstiftung backed the production with a total of 165,000 Euros.