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70th Locarno Festival with three Filmstiftung-backed productions

70th Locarno Festival with three Filmstiftung-backed productions: „The Congo Tribunal“ („Das Kongo Tribunal“) and „3/4“ celebrate their world premieres

  • „The Congo Tribunal“: documentary by Milo Rau in the Semaine de la Critique
  • „3/4“ by Ilian Metev in the Cineasti del Presente sidebar
  • „Nothingwood“ by Sonia Kronlund will be shown „fuori concorso“
  • 70th Locarno Festival from 2 – 12 August, 2017

Three films backed by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW have been invited to screen at the 70th Locarno Festival. Milo Rau will be presenting his new documentary „The Congo Tribunal“ during the festival in the prestigious Semaine de la Critique (prod co: Fruitmarket). Director Sonia Kronlund will also be featured with a documentary, „Nothingwood“, in the Fuori Concorso sidebar which is reserved for filmmakers with an international reputation (prod co: Made in Germany). The drama „3/4“ by Ilian Metev has been selected for the newcomer competition Cineasti del Presente (prod co: Sutor Kolonko).

„We are pleased for Ilian Metev, whom we wish lots of success for the Cineasti del Presente competition, as well as for Sonia Kronlund, who had already been given a tumultous reception in Cannes for ‚Nothingwood‘, and particularly for Milo Rau, who will be celebrating the world premiere of „The Congo Tribunal“ in his Swiss homeland. It is impressive to see how fearless and astute Milo Rau is in his new film’s analysis of the complex connections between war and the globalised trade in raw materials“, says Petra Müller, CEO of the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.

„The Congo Tribunal“ (Semaine de la Critique), Dir: Milo Rau, co-producer: Fruitmarket, Cologne
About the film: the Congo War has already claimed more than 6 million lives over the course of more than 20 years. The population suffers from a state of complete impunity, and the war crimes were never legally pursued. In „The Congo Tribunal“, Milo Rau succeeds in bringing the victims, perpetrators, witnesses and analysts of the Congo War together for a unique civil tribunal in East Congo. He has the region’s history dealt with for the first time based on three concrete examples and creates a portrait of one of the biggest and bloodiest economic wars in human history.
„The Congo Tribunal“ is a German-Swiss co-production which was produced by Arne Birkenstock (Fruitmarket Kultur und Medien), Olivier Zobrist (Langfilm) and Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF & Radio Télévision Suisse RTS. The production was supported by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW with 200,000 Euros, with other funding coming from DFFF, BKM and the Zürcher Filmstiftung. „The Congo Tribunal“ will be released by distributor RealFiction in German cinemas in November. In 2014, Milo Rau won the Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden for his play „Hate Radio“ which deals with the genocide in Ruanda.

„3/4“ (Cineasti del Presente), Dir: Ilian Metev, co-producer: Sutor Kolonko, Cologne
In „3/4“, a young pianist is preparing for an audition abroad. Her younger brother Niki is trying to distract her with his unwanted talent for the absurd. Her father Todor seems incapable of dealing with his children’s concerns . The portrait of a family in Sofia during their last summer together.
„3/4” by Ilian Metev will have its world premiere in Locarno. The drama is a production of Cologne-based Sutor Kolonko in co-production with Chaconna Films (BUL) and in association with broadcaster ZDF/ARTE. The leads are taken by Mila Mikhova, Nikolay Mashalov and Todor Veltchev. The Film- und Medienstiftung NRW backed the production with 215,000 Euros and the screenplay with 20,000 Euros, other funders are the Bulgarian Film Center and Creative Europe MEDIA. International sales are being handled by Memento Films (FR).

„Nothingwood“ (Fuori Concorso), Dir: Sonia Kronlund, co-production: Made in Germany, Cologne
„Nothingwood“ portrays the Afghan filmmaker Salim Shaheen who has shot 109 films. Inspired by Bollywood and Hollywood, they have all been produced in Kabul, in „Nothingwood“. The film focuses on more or less talented actors, shady investors and death threats.  Sonja Kronlund’s film shows a land divided between tradition, the Taliban, and its violent, but sometimes poetic present.
The documentary celebrated its world premiere at this year’s Festival de Cannes. „Nothingwood“ is a production of Gloria Films Production (F) in co-production with Cologne-based Made in Germany Filmproduktion. The Filmstiftung NRW backed the film with 70,000 Euros, further support came from the German-French Funding Committee and Eurimages.

The Locarno Festival is one of the leading international film festivals and will be running from 2 – 12 August this year. Recent years have seen Filmstiftung-backed films winning numerous prizes here, including the Audience Award for „The Miracle of Bern“ („Das Wunder von Bern“) by Sönke Wortmann (prod co: Little Shark Entertainment). Many Filmstiftung-backed films have celebrated their world premieres on the world famous Piazza Grande which seats 8,000 spectators, including „The People vs. Fritz Bauer“ („Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer“) by Lars Kraume (prod co: zero one film), „Paula“ by Christian Schwochow (prod co: Pandora) and the event two-parter „Gotthard“ by Urs Egger (prod co: Zodiac pictures).