Film und Medien Stiftung NRWNewsPressFour films supported by Filmstiftung at the 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam

Four films supported by Filmstiftung at the 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam

  • Film- und Medienstiftung NRW again partner at CineMart for co-productions
  • Largest film festival in The Netherlands from 25 January to 5 February, 2017
  • Rey“ by Niles Attalah celebrates world premiere in Competition

This year sees four films supported by the Filmstiftung invited to screen at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). At the same time, the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW is a partner of the Rotterdam Lab and CineMart, the platform for co-productions. The largest film festival in The Netherlands will take place this year from 25 January to 5 February.

„It’s nice that NRW is represented with four films in Rotterdam – and with one even in the Competition“, says Petra Müller, CEO of the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. „We have a long-standing partnership with the Rotterdam Film Festival and the CineMart. Rotterdam is an important platform particularly for the successful young NRW producers.“

Bright Future, Hivos Tiger Competition: „Rey“
A true story: at the end of the nineteenth century, a young French lawyer and adventurer sets off to establish a kingdom in the inhospitable south of Chile and become the King of Araucanía and Patagonia. He unites the feared Mapuche under him, and the response of the Chilean army is devastating…. an intricately designed adventure film, including sections of half-decayed celluloid: the director had buried some analogue footage a few years ago and has now dug it up to use the corroded and ambiguous images in his film. „Rey“ by Niles Attahlah is an international co-production between Mômerade (France), Diluvio (Chile), and Circe Films (The Netherlands) with German involvement from the Cologne-based production company unafilm. The Film- und Medienstiftung NRW supported the project with 50,000 Euros. The film will celebrate its world premiere in the Competition of the Rotterdam festival.

Voices: „Donkeyote“
The Filmstiftung-backed „Donkeyote“ by Chico Pereira will have its world premiere at the IFFR on 28 January. It is one of eight films nominated for the VPRO Big Screen Award which will be presented during the festival on 3 February. The Filmstiftung supported the documentary with 45,000 Euros, it is a production of Cologne’s Sutor Kolonko and the Scottish company SDI Productions and was made in association with the broadcasters ZDF and Arte. „Donkeyote“ is a film about an old Spaniard, his donkey and the Quixotic quest for the American West; looking for the freedom to roam in a world of borders.

Bright Future: „When Paul Came Over The Sea“ („Als Paul über das Meer kam – Tagebuch einer Begegnung“)
The documentary by Jakob Preuss accompanies Paul, a migrant from Cameroon. He has made his way up through the Sahara to the Moroccan coast where he is now waiting for the right moment to cross the sea to Europe. This is where Paul meets Jakob, a filmmaker from Berlin. Soon afterwards, Paul manages to cross over to Spain on an inflatable dinghy. He survives – but the two-day passage claims the lives of half of those on the boat. It’s only upon his release from the detention centre that he meets Jakob again in Granada. Paul wants to travel on to Germany because of the economic crisis in southern Europe. Jakob has to decide: will he actively help Paul in his quest for a better life or will he remain the observing filmmaker? A film about an unusual friendship in an agitated political and historical context. „When Paul Came Over The Sea“ was produced  by Weydemann Bros. Filmproduktion in cooperation with ZDF, das kleine Fernsehspiel. The international premiere will be held in Rotterdam on 30 January.

Deep Focus: „The Dreamlike Path“ („Der traumhafte Weg“)
Greece in 1984. Kenneth, a young Englishman and Theres, a German woman, are singing in the streets to finance their holidays. They are in love, when Kenneth gets the news that his mother has had an accident, he rushes off back home, leaving Theres behind. He later realises how much he needs her, but he fails in his attempt to win her back. 30 years later, in Berlin. Ariane, a 40-year-old TV actress, has separated from her husband, a successful anthropologist, after a crisis. He moves into an apartment at the main station. Looking out of his window, he sees a homeless man. It’s Kenneth, who doesn’t know that Theres is now living in Berlin as well. Angela Schanelec's „The Dreamlike Path“ was produced by Filmgalerie 451 in association with the broadcasters WDR and Arte. Large parts of the film were shot in Menden and Schwerte. 150,000 Euros came from the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, other backers were Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, BKM, FFA and DFFF. „The Dreamlike Path“ celebrated its world premiere in the Competition of the Festival del Film Locarno last August.

The 34th CineMart will be held from 29 January – 1 February during the 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam. It is a platform for international co-productions and new projects which get the chance to be pitched to representatives of the international film industry and find financing partners. The Film- und Medienstiftung NRW has been supporting the CineMart as a long-standing partner. This also includes the Rotterdam Lab, a five-day workshop for young producers from all over the world, who can expand their network and gain experience of an international festival and film market. The producers Judith Weiler from Butterfilm and Yvonne Wellie from Weydemann Bros. will be taking part from North Rhine-Westphalia this year.

The Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, which annually supports the CineMart and the Rotterdam Lab as a partner, will be serving as a co-host with the CineMart on 30 January for the CineMart Lunch for participating producers.
The complete programme can be found on the festival’s website (