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German film funds: Another 100,000 Euros for the Ukrainian film industry

The "International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk" has already supported a total of 108 Ukrainian filmmakers through its Emergency Fund. After already contributing 100,000 Euros to the fund in March, the German film funds will now provide additional support of 100,000 Euros – since the situation is still precarious.

In March, the International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk (ICFR) had set up the "Emergency Fund for Filmmakers" – and here are the results so far: 108 filmmakers in the crisis region could be supported on the ground with small grants of between 500 and 1,500 Euros. The money is used, for example, to meet temporary relocation expenses or legal and administrative fees.

The German film funds had already shown solidarity with the Ukrainian film community at the beginning of March by supporting the fund with 100,000 Euros. Since help is still urgently needed given the ongoing precarious situation, renewed support amounting to 100,000 Euros is now coming from Germany. The money will benefit filmmakers in Ukraine who are currently in direct danger as well as filmmakers in Russia and Belarus who are openly speaking out against the war.

More information about the ICFR’s Emergency Fund at:

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