Film und Medien Stiftung NRW"The Craniometrist"

Alexander Hoffmann (Leonard Scheicher) is an ambitious ethnology doctoral student at the Friedrich Wilhelms University in Berlin at the end of the 19th century. When a delegation of Herero and Nama from "German South West Africa" comes to Berlin for the "German Colonial Exhibition", Hoffmann gets to know the group’s interpreter, Kezia Kambazembi (Girley Charlene Jazama). Hoffmann develops an intense interest in the Herero and Nama – and, after meeting and talking to them, starts contradicting the commonly accepted evolutionary theory of race. After the Herero and Nama uprising in the colony is put down and the colonial rulers begin a bloody war of extermination, Hoffmann travels through the country under the protection of the Imperial Army collecting artefacts and artifacts left behind for the Berlin Ethnological Museum. In truth, however, he is continuing to search for evidence for his thesis – and looking for Kezia. Hoffmann witnesses German soldiers carrying out the extermination order with inhuman cruelty. But the ethnologist also crosses moral boundaries when he agrees to send his Berlin professor (Peter Simonischek) skulls and skeletons of dead Herero for the purpose of research… zero one film produced with the writer-director Lars Kraume in co-production with Studiocanal and ZDF/ARTE as well as Akzente Film and WunderWerk. The Filmstiftung supported "The Craniometrist" with 680,000 Euros. Additional support came from MBB, MOIN, BKM, FFA and DFFF. Studiocanal is planning to release the film in German cinemas on 23 March, 2023.