Film und Medien Stiftung NRWUntil the End of the Night"

In order to gain the trust of a big time drug dealer, undercover investigator Robert is given the task of infiltrating into the milieu by pretending to be the partner of the trans woman Leni. For Robert, the story becomes complicated as the line between a game and real feelings constantly keep shifting for him. For Leni, the question does not arise at all, since she doesn’t have any choice in the first place, whether she has to go back to prison depends on the success of the mission. It is Victor, of all people, the big time drug dealer, who makes Robert confront his conflicting feelings of love. The film was shot in Hesse as well as NRW. The screenplay was written by Florian Plumeyer. The film stars Thea Ehre, Timocin Ziegler and Michael Sideris. "Till the End of the Night" is a Heimatfilm production with the participation of broadcasters WDR and Arte. The Filmstiftung backed the feature film with 870,000 Euros. Additional support came from HessenFilm, BKM, DFFF. The Match Factory is handling world sales, Grandfilm is releasing the film theatrically throughout Germany.