"Vatersland" by writer-director Petra Seeger is a Coin Film production, with FilmForm and Velvet Films as co-producers, and WDR as a broadcaster partner. Marie’s mother dies of cancer at the age of 48, she herself is only 10 years old and from now on has to grow up alone with her older brother and standoffish father. She often feels misunderstood at home and in her boarding school and starts rebelling against everything. She has never come to terms with her mother’s death. Now 48 years old herself, she is increasingly isolating herself from her daughter Lilly (10). She has to learn to put the past behind her so that mistakes are not repeated. Margarita Broich, Bernhard Schütz and Matti Schmidt-Schaller play the leads. The film, which had already been screened at the Film Festival Cologne in 2021, was released by W-Film in German cinemas on 10 March, 2022. The Filmstiftung NRW provided funding totalling € 725,000 for the film’s preproduction and production. Additional support came from DFFF.