Submission dates

Please note the instructions on the application procedure that you will receive on downloading the application form: among other things, the application must be submitted to the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW by 18.00 on the respective closing date. The deadlines are met through the receipt stamp of the signed hard copy application as well as the timely submission of the digital application.

Production, distribution/sales

  • 04.10.2018
  • 22.11.2018

Vereinfachte Förderung production

  • 11.12.2018

Vereinfachte Förderung distribution/sales

  • 28.11.2018

Graduation film

  • 29.11.2018

Digital content

  • More details to follow.

Innovative serial formats

  • 22.10.2018

Radio drama

  • 12.10.2018

Gerd Ruge Grant

  • More details to follow.

Wim Wenders Grant

  • More details to follow.

Cinema Programming Award NRW

  • More details to follow.