NRW offers an ideal environment for the digital moving image sector, as shown by the diverse and constantly growing web video scene in NRW. TV channels, producers, as well as Telekom and Vodafone, are investing here and focusing on online-only productions with such services as MagentaTV and GigaTV Net. More than 140 web video producers and many of the stars in this scene like Rezo, Bianca Claßen, Dagi Bee und Julien Bam are already based here setting standards. Cologne is also where We Are Era masterminded the successful relaunch of the VideoDays Festival. Furthermore, the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW supports the development of innovative web content as part of its development and production funding program for innovative serial formats.

 Facts and figures

  • Cologne is the stronghold for web video creators
  • leading hub for the web video sector
  • Creator College NRW
  • streaming services at RTL+, MagentaTV, GigaTV Net
  • RTL Deutschland commits to online-only productions
  • Telekom/MagentaTV invests in sport and series
  • TV production companies make increasing commitment to the web
  • Film- und Medienstiftung: funding of online and web video productions
  • DMEXCO, Grimme Online Award, Content Creators Club, Youlius-Award, VideoDays Festival

More information:

Online & Web Video in NRW
Funding of the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW: Digital Games and Interactive Content

Christian Beumers
Managing Director Y MEDIA
NRW has a young, vibrant and well-connected creative scene, and the exchange of information and ideas is essential for our work as format developers and producers.
Daniel Gatzke
Managing Director Gatzke Media
NRW is the most attractive location in Germany for me as a web video producer. Cologne is not only Germany‘s TV capital, but it‘s also the capital for web videos. With its innovative programmes, the Filmstiftung regularly ensures that things will stay that way.
Tobias Lohf
Managing Director Outside the Club
NRW offers countless opportunities for us as a young film production company and VFX studio to express our creativity to the full. Especially through the media infrastructure, the Film- und Medienstiftung's funding programme and the Mediengründerzentrum.
Lutz Heineking Jr.
Managing Director, Creative Director eitelsonnenschein
The places and possibilities are as varied as North Rhine-Westphalia'sunwieldy description as a media region. A provincial backwater is different – alright, but so is a metropolis. For me, it's home and inspiration: I just happen to come from here.
Rezo (Matthias Galon)
There are very many YouTubers and streamers in NRW with whom you can collaborate on projects. That means it's the ideal federal state for me to do this job.
Tobias Schiwek
CEO We Are Era
NRW traditionally plays a decisive role in the European media landscape and has everything it needs, especially for media change. We were able to experience the energy that is here at the VideoDays Festival, for example, which brought together all the relevant players.
Florence Randrianarisoa
The Creator College NRW was the source of great enrichment for me as a YouTuber. It gave my medical channel a lot of fresh impetus. This meant that Dr. Flojo and I myself have continued to evolve and take on a new direction.
Jochen Schlaier
CCO and Partner denkwerk
The excellent integration of strong online companies, leading industry initiatives and attractive training programmes for young professionals make NRW a much sought-after cornerstone of the Digital Economy.
Shawn Bu
Director and Managing Director Raw Mind Pictures
Our goal as the production company Raw Mind Pictures is to make Hollywood in Germany! NRW is home to many great talents who we can work with to change the film and media landscape in Germany.