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As an economically robust metropolitan region with diverse creative and digital industries, NRW offers outstanding development opportunities for Internet companies. Apart from having a strong IT and programming scene, the region is also home to mobile and telecommunications companies who are locally the big enablers and exploiters of online technologies. The web video scene in NRW has a leading position in Germany and brings out famous webvideo stars like Dagi Bee, Bibis Beauty Palace and Julien Bam among others. Networking on an international level is provided by such top events as dmexco or Interactive Festival. The Film- und Medienstiftung NRW backs the development of innovative digital web content. The Medianetwork.NRW is the contact point for the digital media scene in NRW.

 Facts and figures

  • Cologne is the stronghold for web video stars
  • leading location of the web video sector
  • Creator College NRW
  • WDR works with virtual reality
  • streaming services: TVNOW, MagentaTV, GigaTV Net
  • RTL Group commits to online-only productions
  • Deutsche Telekom invests in sport and series
  • TV production companies increasing commitment to the web
  • Film- und Medienstiftung: funding of online and web video productions
  • dmexco, Grimme Online Award, Content Creators Club

More information:

Online & webvideo business in NRW
Funding of the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW: Digital Games and interactive content

Peter Smits
CEO PietSmiet
Extensively developed broadband connections, many other great YouTubers with whom one can launch some great projects, and a multitude of MCNs and media production companies ensure that NRW is the ideal federal state for YouTubers and streamers.
Markus Hündgen
Markus Hündgen, CEO & Managing Partner European Web Video Academy
NRW is the No. 1 federal state for web video. Nowhere are there more successful web video makers, nowhere is the young video scene more active. Although the life of the YouTube generation takes place in the net: the personal contact is still the most important. And NRW provides the best conditions for this – as well as for the German Webvideo Award.
Michael Loeb
CEO WDR Mediagroup
A law from the “Cologne constitution” shows just why the Internet sector is ideally located in NRW: “Et bliev nix wie et wor” (nothing stays the same) – expressing openness to new developments – underlines the innovative spirit and desire for progress in the region. These are the best conditions for online companies.
Thomas Kemmerer
CEO DuMont Rheinland Media24
In Cologne, the analog and digital media worlds are growing ever more together: publishing houses, radio and TV stations are successfullyusing web and mobile services to bind old and new target groups to their media brands. So, it's not surprising that Cologne's ¨Jecken¨ are putting the 2015 carnival under this heading: ¨Social jeck - colourfully connected.¨
Christian Beumers
Managing Director Y MEDIA
NRW has a young, vibrant and well-connected creative scene, and the exchange of information and ideas is essential for our work as format developers and producers.
Daniel Gatzke
Managing Director Gatzke Media
NRW is the most attractive location in Germany for me as a web video producer. Cologne is not only Germany‘s TV capital, but it‘s also the capital for web videos. With its innovative programmes, the Filmstiftung regularly ensures that things will stay that way.
Alexander Weber
Managing Director Y MEDIA
NRW offers us as a young production company the best conditions to be successful: well-networked creative specialists, a wide range of support programmes and consulting services as well as a large market for creative content.
Tobias Lohf
Managing Director Outside the Club
NRW offers countless opportunities for us as a young film production company and VFX studio to express our creativity to the full. Especially through the media infrastructure, the Film- und Medienstiftung's funding programme and the Mediengründerzentrum.