NRW is undisputedly Germany’s No. 1 TV hub. This is not only the headquarters for such major channels as WDR or RTL, but is also home to the most important producers and a highly specialised service sector. Locally established creative networks offer a first-class environment for the production of all TV genres. The Film- und Medienstiftung NRW is a reliable partner for supporting the production of TV fiction and the development of innovative TV formats.

 Facts and figures

  • Germany‘s number one TV hub
  • one of the largest TV hubs in Europe
  • WDR, RTL, Vox, Super RTL, n-tv, RTL Nitro, RTLplus, Phoenix, One
  • QVC: Germany‘s market leader for teleshopping
  • Cologne: Germany‘s undisputed TV capital
  • next generation TV: NRW hotspot of the web video scene
  • base for leading national and international TV producers
  • wide range: entertainment, shows, series, comedy, sitcoms
  • funding of series, TV movies and innovative formats on the Internet
  • MMC: one of Europe‘s state-of-the-art studio complexes
  • German Television Award, Grimme Award, German Comedy Award, German Camera Award

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Tom Buhrow
Director-General Westdeutscher Rundfunk
The media region NRW – this is WDR´s home. And we are NRW´s and the media landscape’s home. That´s how it is and how it should remain. We want to be and continously will be a good partner for all the creative players – with the courage for innovation, the aim for quality and the wish to improve the cultural landscape – to the benefit of all parties.
Michael Souvignier
Managing Director Zeitsprung Pictures
Excellent public support, a good infrastructure, big TV stations, lots of creative people, Europe’s biggest studio at MMC and experienced providers of services for cinema, films and television: for Zeitsprung NRW is the ideal production location and a major centre of the television medium.
Michael Smeaton
CEO FFP New Media
With WDR and the RTL Media Group, NRW not only has two of the most important commissioners of programmes; the Film- und Medienstiftung is a strong and innovative partner for producers. We have outstanding film-makers in NRW and a very good infrastructure from studios through service-providers to postproduction possibilities.
Ute Biernat
CEO UFA Show & Factual
It is particularly gratifying that the international importance of the TV production location North Rhine-Westphalia is increasing. Not only the leading shows but also the most successful variations of German formats come from Cologne.
Anke Engelke
Cologne is the perfect location for the things I do. There is a lot of overlap between friends and colleagues here, and I like to work with people who are also my friends. I do like to see how things are organized elsewhere. But I am always very happy to return to Cologne, where I see that things work as I like them.
Leopold Hoesch
CEO broadview pictures
NRW – it represents a luxury dilemma: everything is right on your doorstep, including an audience of 18 million that has no objection to seeing its own region on film. I ask myself why anyone would shoot anywhere else … ? We certainly like shooting here, and nothing is going to change that. Thanks to the Filmstiftung for its enduring support, which makes the location ultimately unique.
Claude Schmit
Managing Director Super RTL
Television still continues to fascinate people. A lot is produced here in Cologne of the kind of programming that excite and entertain the viewers. We are grateful for the fact that we are able to work and live in such a creative and innovative environment.
Henning Baum
For me, it's the people in NRW who constantly inspire and surprise me with their unagitated joie de vivre.
Annette Frier
It wasn't until during the shoot for Danni Lowinski that, as a native of Cologne, I got to know my city and large part of NRW again and in a completely new light: also nice to know that there really are still actors who can live here (from their work!!!) and we don't all have to move to Berlin...
Volker Weicker
Professor for Live Direction at the Academy for Media Arts Cologne (KHM), director for live entertainment, shows & sports
The studios and, above all, the excellent standard of personnel have kept NRW at the forefront of German TV entertainment for several years.
Karin Kuhn
Head of the WDR Editorial Department Shows
The most important show producers are still based in Cologne and the surrounding area, the spectrum of excellent producers, authors, directors, commissioning editors and researchers is very good. And the best thing is: more and more companies are working both for private and public channels. A cross-fertilisation is good for everyone!
Hans W. Geißendörfer
CEO Geißendörfer Film- und Fernsehproduktion KG
NRW is situated at the centre of Europe. The Rhine flows through NRW. It is a symbol for pantha rei (everything flows) and nothing stands still. New things are developed, acknowledged and used. Everything is in a flux.
Oliver Schablitzki
As a television hub, NRW - and especially Cologne in this respect - is and remains top of the pile. A top-class and powerful TV industry has developed within the orbit of the RTL Deutschland Media Group and WDR, and this also offers an ideal environment for the growth of small channels like RTL NITRO.
René Jamm
CEO Warner Bros. International Television Production Germany
NRW is an extraordinary location with outstanding infrastructure and transport connections. Not least of all it is the combination of the Rhinelanders' cheerful nature and Westphalian seriousness which constitute the charm of the region and its people.
Thilo Kuther
Managing Director Pixomondo
NRW is traditionally open for new things. So, it's only fitting that the federal state has developed into one of the most important hubs for film and TV production in Europe Through our production office in Cologne, which is currently handling the production of the VFX for the Noah Gordon adaptation "The Physician", we have come to appreciate the hub's positive aspects. Infrastructure, professionalism, and commitment do not have to shy away from comparisons with Hollywood. It's simply fun working in NRW.
Hermann Joha
Managing Director, action concept Film- & Stuntproduktion
It's fun producing in NRW - that's not only because the locations are usually ideal and there is an existing infrastructure, but also as the support from the authorities and organisations is exemplary
Gerhard Schmidt
Board Member of the Film- und Medienverband NRW e.V
As far as the production of high-quality TV programmes are concerned, NRW has secured a leading position in Europe through the combination of a unique creative scene and a varied infrastructure of cost-conscious service-providers.
Christoph Maria Herbst
NRW – it's all about mining resources. A region invents itself anew. The terms remain the same. Keep it up
Philip Borbély
CEO MMC Studios & Movies
The infrastructure existing in NRW is unique. It has made NRW into a first-class film hub and the No. 1 television location. The MMC Studios have been an elementary component of this infrastructure for over 20 years, and we will continue to work with the media industry on shaping the success story of NRW as a media region.
Christiane Ruff
CEO ITV Studios
Thanks to the large creative media network in NRW, ITV Studios can produce such successes as „Ich bin ein Star…“ or „Das perfekte Dinner“. And the encounters with clients, service-providers and colleagues are always lively and amusing because the regional character is marked by a lot of humour and straight talking. A very nice situation for me as a child from the Ruhr region.
Sam Davis
CEO Rowboat
NRW is colourful, lively, bright and liberal. Those are characteristics which promote creativity, offer fertile soil for talents and make good work possible. We feel fine in NRW!
Günther Jauch
presenter and TV producer
As a production company, you have good conditions for working successfully in NRW and, above all, in Cologne: this is where you are close to the big media concerns, a good infrastructure and a very lively scene of creative heads.
Frank Plasberg
Managing shareholder Ansager&Schnipselmann
Producing in NRW – one could hardly wish for more. Commissioning editors, authors, directors, cinematographers, editors – many of the best women and men in these professions live and work here. We profit from the professionalism and creativity of these colleagues on our productions.
Martina Hill
NRW as a film region is a dream - so versatile, innovative, cooperative, creative, constructive and, above all, compact. For „Switch reloaded“, for example, we used Cologne for the harbour of Miami and then the LOST jungle on Hawaii, and both were just five minutes apart on the bicycle. Perfect.
Bettina Böttinger
producer, Encanto Film- und Fernsehproduktions GmbH
Nothing is far away in the media region of NRW and the communication is direct. And the success shows that NRW is on the right path – it's teeming here with innovative TV producers, film producers, YouTube stars and computer game developers. This diversity, in particular,has helped me feel so comfortable here as a TV producer and person.
Dieter Nuhr
As a Düsseldorfer, I am not always pleased that something like Cologne exists, but you can't beat the settlement as a media hub. Without Cologne, you'd often only have the test card, That would be better than many other things, but no matter. Cologne is the tops as a centre for TV production.
Jan Böhmermann
Being creative and producing in NRW has many advantages. The infrastructure is outstanding, NRW is an unexhaustible source of humouristic inspiration, and the staff don't have arduous hairdos, meaningful tattoos or destructive attitudes like in Berlin.You'd be really stupid to produce anywhere else.
Stefan Hoff
Managing Director nobeo
NRW is by far the number one location in Germany for the field of entertainment and will also continue to consolidate or even expand on this position. This is a result of the excellent way in which cooperation functions between broadcasters, producers, service-providers as well as the political decision-makers in NRW.
Nico Hofmann
NRW is rightly one of Germany‘s most import¬ant film and media hubs. UFA also has traditional links to the region. Fantastic support has been forthcoming for many years from such partners as the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, without which many of our productions would not have been conceivable.
Wolfgang Cimera
Managing Director Network Movie
NRW is an important region in Germany and at the heart of Europe, and this importance should be reflected in its media presence. The prerequisites are fulfilled in NRW in terms of logistics, financing and personnel to an outstanding extent. No-one who uses them will regret opting for this location.
Oliver Vogel
Executive Vice President Programming / producer BavariaFernsehproduktion
NRW is in an excellent position to reinforce its leading role even further. The creativity of the broadcasters, the public support for films and the film production companies give NRW great appeal that goes far beyond the borders of the state.
Regina Ziegler
Geschäftsführerin Zieglerfilm
Produzieren in NRW – was früher oft ein reines Risiko war, ist heute fast immer ein reines Vergnügen. Was da in den letzten 27 Jahren gewachsen ist, was vor allem die Filmstiftung gesät und gegossen hat, das nennt man eine Erfolgsgeschichte.
Jörg Schönenborn
WDR Fernsehdirektor
Der WDR ist ein wichtiges Stück NRW. Jeden Tag suchen wir nach Ideen, wie wir die Menschen im Land am besten informieren und unterhalten. Das geht nicht ohne eine lebendige und vielfältige Produzentenlandschaft. Mit der wollen wir Ideen teilen und die erste Adresse für kreative Köpfe sein.
Michaela Kolster
phoenix-Programmgeschäftsführerin (ZDF)
Mit unserem Senderstandort in der wunderbaren UN-Stadt Bonn beweisen wir, dass man als bundesweiter Sender auch abseits der Hauptstadt ganz nah an den wichtigen politischen Entscheidungen sein kann. Der Medienstandort NRW insgesamt bildet ein gesundes Gegengewicht gegenüber allzu zentralistischen Tendenzen.
Stefan Oelze
Managing Director Seapoint Productions
The biggest assets oft he NRW media industy are the people in the region: the diversity of talents and their experiences. This creative potential must be constantly developed and promoted, e.g. in education and training in the field of non-fiction.
Marcus Wolter
CEO Banijay Germany
NRW stands for vibrant, creative TV productions, a flourishing film industry and a growing digital economy. We are pleased to have found a real home for Banijay Germany, the Brainpool Group and Banijay Productions Germany at such a dynamic and innovative location as Cologne.
Lisa Ortgies
presenter, Frau TV
North Rhine-Westphalia is a federal state with many strong women and Frau TV is the only women's magazine programme on German television. That's only at WDR, that only exists in NRW, with such completely different people.
Sandra Maischberger
journalist and CEO vincent tv
Whoever wants to produce successful television in Germany can't avoid NRW at all. This is where you will find the most attractive concentration of media houses, an incredible pool of creatives and an effective and dedicated funding system. You don't need any more.
Jörg Graf
RTL and NRW have a long-standing partnership. It is not only the station itself and the RTL Media Group that are based here, but many of our most successful productions are being made in and around Cologne. So, it is important that the media hub of NRW with its vibrant creative scene and the existing infrastructure receive the necessary support from all the media professionals and the politicians.