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As a centrally located metropolitan region in the heart of Europe and leading media hub, North Rhine-Westphalia provides the ideal environment for trade fairs, conferences and festivals. Leading international events for the industry and general public make NRW a year-round location for new market trends and topical debates as well as for networking and professionalisation. NRW is therefore able to provide the appropriate locations of every shape and size, professional service-providers and, not least of all, an inspiring cultural environment and the Rhenish lifestyle.

Facts and figures

  • leading fairs, conferences and professional events with millions of visitors from all over the world
  • gamescom, dmexco, ANGA COM, Grimme Award, Film Festival Cologne
  • lit.Cologne: Europe‘s largest reading festival with more than 110,000 visitors
  • important awards ceremonies ranging from the German Television Award through the Grimme Online Award to the 1LIVE Krone

More information:

Events in NRW

Werner Köhler
CEO lit.Cologne
NRW’s cities are as diverse as the landscape. But one thing unites the people of this region: curiosity about all things new. That is all I can ask for.
Martina Richter
Director Film Festival Cologne
Since its inception 30 years ago, the Film Festival Cologne is at the medial pulse of our time. Year by year the festival provides an international perspective and crossmedia discussion of current developments in the world of audio-visual content, film and Internet to the already well-positioned media and digital location NRW.
Gerald Böse
chairman of the board, Koelnmesse
gamescom, dmexco and photokina are the best calling card and a key location factor for NRW as a film and media region. The Koelnmesse sets the tone with its numerous trade fairs and events for digital media and entertainment and makes a significant contribution to the region's appeal.
Christina Essenberger
Managing Director, International Women's Film Festival Dortmund|Cologne
The media hub of NRW is way ahead of its time. The International Women's Film Festival had already been enjoying wide support here more than 35 years ago as Germany's unique and internationally acknowledged meeting place for women working in the film industry.
Frauke Gerlach
Director/Managing Director Grimme-Institut
The Grimme-Institut has been analysing the quality of media for more than five decades - an important contribution to the media hub of NRW. This began with awards and training programmes and is now complemented by research activities on the digital shift.
Maxa Zoller
Head of IFFF Dortmund | Cologne
The films produced and shown in NRW reflect the dynamics of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. Films by and with strong women encounter a professional audience at the International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund | Cologne and subsequently come into the cinemas – and have being doing so now for over 30 years!