Who can apply?

  • Applications are accepted from distribution and sales companies.

What are the conditions?

  • Support may be allocated to films that have received production funding in NRW, are of particular film cultural or economic interest for North Rhine-Westphalia, make a particular contribution to the development of European film culture, or are films aimed at children and young people.
  • As a rule, the level of funding may not exceed 50% of the costs.
  • The support is granted as a conditionally repayable, interest-free loan.
  • A minimum of the funding amount must be spent in NRW – where technically possible and as long as it makes economic sense.

How does it work?

  • A consultation is required before submitting an application.
  • The information and documents required for the application are set out in the application forms.
  • There are five submission dates each year.
  • The funding decisions are taken by a film funding commitee.

Service Centre

  • Submission dates and all further documents can be found here.


Britta Lengowski
Tel. +49-211-930 50-13