Film und Medien Stiftung NRW„Herrhausen – Herr des Geldes“

The four-part political thriller mini-series "Herrhausen – Der Herr des Geldes" (working title) is a co-production by Sperl Film + Fernsehproduktion with ARD Degeto, rbb, hr and SWR in cooperation with X Filme Creative Pool. The series shows the entanglements of power between the state and business set against the background of German reunification. Pia Strietmann directs from scripts by Thomas Wendrich. Oliver Masucci stars as Alfred Herrhausen, his wife Traudl is played by Julia Koschitz. Other cast members include David Schütter, Ursula Strauss, August Zirner, Franz Hartwig, Yousef Sweid, Dovale Glickman, Bettina Stucky, Thomas Loibl, Anton Spieker and Lisa Vicari. The Filmstiftung backed the series with 1,100,000 Euros, additional support coming from FFF Bayern.

Alfred Herrhausen is the rising star of the banking world in the 1980s. His idea of debt relief for poor countries makes headlines. When he not only represents the interests of the bank and his chancellor friend Kohl with a loan to the USSR, but also supports Gorbachev’s reform plans, the banker enters into the minefield of world politics. The USA is just as irritated by his actions as Stasi chief Mielke, who fears for the end of the GDR regime. The secret services are now on Herrhausen’s trail. He knows that he may only have a short window of opportunity to push through his visions, including changes to Deutsche Bank. While Herrhausen tries to keep his rivals in his own house in check and expands his power to do so, his opponents are also forming outside the bank.