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Joint Declaration for the sustainable production of films and television series

Today, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media Prof. Monika Grütters signed a declaration on sustainable film and series production in the Federal Chancellery together with representatives of all federal and state sponsors, the major German private and public broadcasters, producer associations, SPIO, VFFT, MPA, Deutsche Filmakademie, Berlinale, EFM and Deutsche Welle. Here is the text of the joint declaration:

Films and television series are a mirror of society. No other medium conveys the zeitgeist with as much vitality or intensity as film. And the film industry has always been an engine of creativity and technological innovation. We therefore feel strongly that our work should also serve society.

Environmental protection and climate change are among the most urgent issues of our time. With all our actions, whether large or small, we are responsible for ensuring that the earth remains liveable for coming generations. We in the film and television industry must and will accept this responsibility, both nationally and internationally.

The film and television industry deserves recognition for its commitment to protecting the environment and combating climate change. Sustainability has high priority as an important part of our shared values and aims. However, we declare our support for even greater attention to sustainability in the production of films and television series in the interest of environmental, economic and social responsibility.

To this end, those responsible for producing films and television series will work with scientists and policy-makers to develop and carry out specific, viable measures to efficiently and permanently reduce the negative environmental impacts of the production of films and television series, to the greatest degree possible. In doing so, we intend to look at the entire value-added chain.

We support establishing scientifically based practices in the film and television industry which significantly reduce resource consumption. We are united in the conviction that film and series production with a focus on sustainability offers enormous opportunities for growth, job security and lasting success. Germany has outstanding artistic talent and world-class expertise when it comes to film production and technology. And its excellent system of federal and state support offers the opportunity for Germany to lead the way in sustainable film production. We want to take advantage of this opportunity and encourage all those active in the film, television and media industry to support our efforts and do their part.