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Düsseldorf – Palermo – Cannes: Wim Wenders Returns to the International Film Festival

Filmstiftung NRW with "Palermo Shooting" in the competition of Cannes – shooting locations included Düsseldorf

Wim Wenders is presenting his new film "Palermo Shooting" on the Croisette. The film will be taking part in the competition for the Golden Palm at the 61st Festival de Cannes (14th – 26th May). The international coproduc­tion by his Berlin company New Road Movies together with ZDF, Arte and Pictorion Das Werk was funded by the Filmstiftung NRW and filmed – mostly in Düsseldorf – last autumn. It is the first time that Wenders has set a cinema feature in his city of birth. Additional shooting locations included Essen, Neuss and Sicily. The Filmstiftung NRW supported "Palermo Shooting" with a sum of 400,000 Euros.

The protagonist in "Palermo Shooting" is also personified by a true Düsseldorfer: Campino. The front man of the band "Tote Hosen" plays a young photographer experiencing a life crisis, who sets out on a journey from Düsseldorf to Southern Italy. Other parts are played by Dennis Hopper, Jana Pallaske, Inga Busch, Sebastian Blomberg and Udo Samel, and the cinematography is by Franz Lustig. Guest appearances include Lou Reed, Patti Smith and Mila Jovovich.

Michael Schmid-Ospach, managing director of the Filmstiftung NRW: "We are delighted for Wim Wenders that he has been invited again to appear in the competition of Cannes, with his new film – made in locations including his home city

of Düsseldorf. It will be very special indeed to see images of the Rheinwiesen screened in the festival’s Grande Palais. I wish him good luck and hope that he can repeat his success with the Golden Palm for 'Paris, Texas' in 1984!"

The Filmstiftung NRW will be represented in the International Village / Marché du Film in Cannes. Focus Germany – the association of the seven major German film funds – will be presented in the German pavilion, where a quiet place is also available for discussion.

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